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Out of county surcharge is $15.00

A 12-hr fast is required prior to complete metabolic profile (CMP).

Please call our office to make an appointment

Complete Metabolic Profile (CMP) – $40.00
Complete Blood Count (CBC) – $15.00
A1C (For diabetics) – $20.00
Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) – $30.00
Thyroid (TSH), free T4 – $40.00
Hepatitis Panel with ALT – $75.00
Syphilis RPR with Titer – $15.00
T3 Uptake – $15.00
Uric Acid – $15.00
Iron – $15.00
Vitamin D – $45.00
Vitamin B12 – $30.00
Magnesium – $15.00
Male Testosterone – $45.00
Measles titer – $45.00
Mumps titer – $25.00
Rubella titer – $25.00
Varicella titer – $25.00

Blood profile, or panel, refers to a measurement of multiple laboratory values that give information about the functions of your body systems. Blood profiles provide information about your general state of health, help your health professional find abnormalities, and determine whether treatment for a specific problem is effective. Blood profiles are also used as screening tests for healthy (asymptomatic) people. Your health professional can use information obtained from a blood profile not only to make dietary or lifestyle recommendations but also to follow the progression of diseases.

The La Porte County Health Department offers a comprehensive blood profile. Blood Profile Pamphlet

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