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Position Name Extension
Assessor Michael Schultz x 2268
Auditor Tim Stabosz x 2226
Clerk of Circuit Court Heather Stevens x 2250
Commissioner Joe Haney x 2229
Commissioner Connie Gramarossa x 2229
Commissioner Richard Mrozinski x 2229
Coroner Lynn Swanson
Council Adam Koronka
Council Mike Mollenhauer
Council Randall Novak
Council Justin Kiel
Council Earl Cunningham
Council Mark Yagelski
Council Michael Rosenbaum
Judge – Circuit Court Thomas Alevizos x 2228
Judge – Superior Court #1 Jaime Oss (219) 809-0517
Judge – Superior Court #2 Richard Stalbrink x 7736
Judge – Superior Court #3 Jeffrey Thorne x 2261
Judge – Superior Court #4 Greta Friedman x 7748
Prosecuting Attorney Sean Fagan x 2421
Recorder Elzbieta Bilderback x 2209
Sheriff Ron Heeg x 2406
Surveyor Anthony Hendricks x 2225
Treasurer Joie Winski x 2465

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