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Matthew Reardon, EDFP

Redevelopment Commission Coordinator

555 Michigan Ave. Ste. 203
LaPorte, IN 46350

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Building Trades

LaPorte County Office of Community and Economic Development Business Retention Program

The OCED Business Retention and Expansion Program run by Michael Seitz works to connect local businesses and the county in order to grow and expand with support from the county and state. LaPorte County Works! is a program started by Commissioner Sheila Matias and assisted by the Office of Community and Economic Development that will highlight a different La Porte County company during the Commissioner Comments section at each Board of Commissioners meeting.

Recent Spotlights

A Note From Commissioner Matias

“LaPorte County WORKS! is a way to honor and support our local business community- this program has been a win/win for both employers and citizens. The employers can tell their story and share their job openings, and our citizens who are looking for a job or a new career pathway can easily get the information they need. We want the people of LaPorte County to know our county’s employers are hiring!

LaPorte County WORKS! spotlights the many businesses that call LaPorte County home. We have such a rich blend of jobs in our county from entry level to highly skilled positions. These companies are providing family-wage jobs, and it is my hope that people will see that there are career opportunities very close to home. Living, working, and raising a family here is what makes beautiful LaPorte County, Indiana a very special place to enjoy life.”

Sheila Matias, County Commissioner

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