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Robert Sabie,

The Indiana State Department of Health Hotline that is now 24/7 877-826-0011

The Indiana State Department of Health Provider Hotline for Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, PA, etc.  317-233-4672

Beacon Hospital Hotline 855-523-2225

Franciscan Hospital Hotline 219-879-8511 Prompt #8


The Mission is to provide training, planning, response, mitigation, and recovery for all natural and man-made emergencies in La Porte Co.

When Nature or Man-Made disaster descends upon La Porte County, Emergency Management is activated to bring in the proper people to provide emergency services to the community.

La Porte County Emergency Management is constantly training citizens of the community to be prepared to quickly act. Providing professional and proper emergency service and safety to the public.

It is very important that you are well informed and prepared for emergencies. Not only in your home, but also what may come as a Natural or Man-Made disaster outdoors. Snow, Earthquakes, Tornadoes are common in our area.

  • Warning sirens are tested the 1st Saturday of every month at 11:00 am

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