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Outdoor Hydronic Heaters

NEW 2/5/15: On February 3, 2015, the EPA updated its clean air standards for OHH units. The phase in to meet stronger emission limits is effective in 2020.

Ordinance 2007-10-B

OHH Registration Form

Hydronic Heater Spec’s

Hydronic Heater Inspections

Indiana Department of Environmental Management’s Hydronic Heater Information

Public Pools

COVID-19:Re-opening of Public and Semi-public pools Information COVID-19 Pool Operation 20200505

All public and semi-public pools in La Porte county are subject to a permit and inspections from the health department according to Ordinance 94.15 and 410 IAC 6-2.1. A facility is a public or semi-public pool if more than two (2) families use the facility. Presently La Porte County does not have a public pool. All pools in La Porte County are semi-public and can be found at hotels, neighborhood homeowners associations, condominiums, apartment complexes, schools, and campgrounds.

Prior to construction, rehabilitation, or alteration of any swimming pool in La Porte County, plans and specification sheets with the approval and design release number from the Indiana Department of Homeland Security, Office of Fire and Building Services Division Plan Review Branch and approval from the local building authority shall be submitted to this office for plan review.

Each facility is required to employ a Certified Pool Operator (CPO) at all times.

Weekly bacteriological monitoring of your pool is required as a condition of your permit.

2020 Pool Permit Application

Area Certified Lab

The Indiana State Department of Health’s Pool web site

Diseases of concern associated with swimming in pools, spas, and hot tubs

Rail Road Camp Cars

Tattoo Parlors

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