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Main La Porte County Buildings To Re-open


(La Porte, Indiana): While LaPorte County government has continued to provide services to the public during the COVID-19 crisis via email, phone, internet and appointments,  the county’s buildings have been closed to public walk- ins as we work to reduce transmission, keeping both staff and public safe.  Keeping on track with the Governor’s reopening plan, main La Porte County buildings move to Phase 4 on Monday, July 6.


“The data tells the story. The science tells the story. And we need to listen! We know that Covid-19 is going to be here until a vaccine is available so now more than ever, it’s up to each of us to help reduce the spread. Please follow the four pillars: social distancing, avoid large gatherings, wearing a mask and practicing hand hygiene,” said Sheila Matias, President of the LaPorte County Commission.


On Monday, July 6, our main county buildings will re-open to the public with safety screening stations installed outside of the Courthouse/Complex (on the walkway between the buildings), at the Hiler Building, and the Michigan City Courthouse. Health Department staff will be stationed there to ask screening questions and take temperatures of all members of the public who wish to access on-site services.  Safety stations will also have a Sheriff’s deputy stationed there to assist with processing members of the public into the buildings.  

Masks are required in order to enter a county building for all staff and all visitors. Masks will be available at the safety station if needed. Masks must be worn in all common areas such as customer service areas, vestibules, elevators, hallways, bathrooms, break rooms, and meeting rooms. 

  1. Members of the public are encouraged to continue to manage business by phone, email or internet whenever possible. Entrance to buildings is limited to those requiring services and will be monitored by Security. Courts will limit access to the court rooms to required people only; other may view court proceedings via video. Only those persons with scheduled court hearings or appointments will be permitted in the building.
  2. Every person arriving at a County Building will be screened:
    1. Every person entering the building must be presumed positive for COVID-19.
    2. Staff will verify the individual is on the daily list of appointments or has a specific service request.
    3. Everyone will be screened using the County’s COVID-19 Questionnaire.
    4. Individuals will have their temperature taken.
      1. If temperature is less than 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit, the person will be allowed in the building if they have a service request or appointment.
      2. If temperature is over 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit, the person will be told to leave the building and contact the department or court by phone.
  • Members of the public MUST have face masks on to be admitted into the building
  1. Employees, contractors, vendors, suppliers and all visitors must wear a face mask upon entry to any County Building.
  2. Face masks are required outdoors on county property if safe social distancing and gathering practices are not possible.
  3. Once patrons have completed their business in the building, they are asked to leave immediately. If they are loitering or not practicing social distance guidelines, they will be asked to leave the building immediately.


While main county buildings will reopen, we encourage you to conduct business over the phone or through email whenever possible to limit the potential spread of infectious disease. Some buildings will be open by appointment-only based on county resources and safety planning. These measures are in place to limit the spread of disease and keep our county staff and citizens healthy.


For more information on the County Building Reopening process, please visit for the full plan.