Kingsbury Industrial Park Celebrates Golden Spike

***La Porte County’s Kingsbury Industrial Park Connects with CSX Rail Spur***

(La Porte County IN): La Porte County Indiana completed all pieces for Kingsbury Industrial Park’s newest rail spur connecting CSX, a Class 1 railroad. This connection will open the industrial park to 3 connections CN, South Shore and CSX, creating economic opportunities for new and existing businesses in the Kingsbury Industrial Park.

“LaPorte County celebrates this achievement as a testament to our collaborative efforts and collective patience to make great things happen. Many people, businesses, and community stakeholders worked to make the rail connection happen. Keeping this momentum, we are looking forward to future development in Kingsbury Industrial Park and all across La Porte County” stated Randy Novak, Redevelopment Commission President.

The connection of the rail spur was completed due to a large collaborative effort including partners such as IEDC, JBC Rail, La Porte County Planning Department, Building Department, Redevelopment Commission, Kingsbury Industrial Park land owners, CSX, and so many more.

“For years, La Porte County Commissioners, Council, and Redevelopment have worked to create economic development opportunities throughout the county. This rail connection is the culmination of almost 20 years of hard work by La Porte County elected officials, board members, staff, business partners, and so many more. With more collaborative efforts, shown by this rail connection, La Porte County has a bright future ahead” Rich Mrozinski, Vice President Board of Commissioners and Redevelopment Commission Member.

Kingsbury Industrial Park has seen a 30% increase in new business inquiries over the past 3 years. These opportunities are met with rail opportunities unlike other project areas in the State of Indiana. New businesses inquiries include industries such as electric vehicle production, corn/grain processing, transportation/intermodal opportunities, and other manufacturing sectors.

“With this connection, La Porte County, now more than ever, shows we are open for business. We are excited at the future opportunities with this new connection and are looking forward to continuing to push the county forward” stated Matt Reardon, Director Economic Development, Redevelopment.

For more information about Kingsbury Industrial Park, rail switching service, new business development, or other related matters, please contact the La Porte County Office of Economic Development – Matt Reardon, [email protected]