The Health Department is working hard to open a COVID-19 Vaccine clinic, SOON. Upon opening, we will be following STRICT instructions from Indiana Department of Health on who we can vaccinate at that time, and this will be based on allocations of how much vaccine is received. This will also go by prioritization tiers, which will designate who can get the vaccine at this time. Current eligibility is for healthcare workers on the frontlines, and those providing direct patient care, handling infectious materials, as well as first responders (EMS, Police and Fire) ONLY. This can be read here: ISDH – Novel Coronavirus: Vaccine Information and Planning.

As more vaccine is received by the state, they will be dispersing it throughout all 92 counties, and will open up new tiers of eligible individuals who are able to receive the vaccine. We DO NOT know who/what tier will be next as this time, but as soon as this exhaustive list is put forth to us, we will be dispersing that information as soon as it is received. Please be PATIENT during this process, as it all hinges on how much vaccine Indiana receives from the Federal level and is filtered down. The local Health Department has no control over this at this time and we will work through the prioritization levels as quickly and safely as we are able, and as we are directed to do so.

In the meantime, what Department Heads ARE encouraged to do is survey your staff and create a roster of individuals that are interested in receiving the vaccine. Please also make sure that they have a state issued ID as well as a department badge or ID, OR a letterhead stating they work in your department (if department ID is not available to them). Please have this roster handy in the event that new tiers open up you are ready. These items will be REQUIRED upon checking in for your appointment to get the vaccine.

Some basic information on the Vaccine and upcoming clinic:

  • All vaccines will be given BY APPOINTMENT ONLY—please do NOT send interested persons to the clinic, this will help reduce traffic flow and keep everyone distanced and safe without crowds forming
  • Our clinic will be receiving the Moderna brand vaccine. Please go to Indiana Department of Health website, CDC and/or Moderna’s website directly for the most up-to-date information on the vaccine, side effects, safety information etc. and educate yourselves. This information is updated frequently online, and the best way to get the most up-to-date and accurate information.
  • If anyone has specific questions on whether they should receive the vaccine or not—please direct them to have a conversation or make an appointment with their healthcare provider. This is the best and safest way to determine this information as each persons health status is different (ESPECIALLY for those who may be pregnant, breastfeeding and/or have had allergic reactions to vaccine in the past, OR any severe allergic reaction to anything at all)

Thank you for your patience as we have our work cut out for us and are doing our absolute best to move through things quickly, efficiently and inclusively. Please stay tuned for further press releases and communication in regards to prioritization tiers and when the state opens up more eligibility.