A Letter from Commission President Regarding Health order:

Attached is the health order issued last evening by the LaPorte County Health Department and endorsed by the LaPorte County Commission.

In leadership, criticism comes when you do too little or do too much, when you make a call that makes sense to some or make a decision that others disagree with-that’s why leadership is tough. Last evening, Dr. Deausy, our county’s Chief Health Officer, presented this order intended to protect the health of the public. As commissioners,  we receive the daily data with the demographics of our citizens who are testing positive. As the numbers have climbed from a low in early May where we were clearly impacting the spread in a positive way to current data which is trending in the wrong direction, we as a county need to be more proactive. Following the CDC recommended precautions seems like a small inconvenience with the potential for community-wide rewards like getting our schools open, our football teams practicing, and our business community flourishing again.

Wearing a mask is to protect other people from you spreading the virus if you are asymptomatic. It is an act of care and kindness. The intent of the mask directive we passed last night as an order from the county’s Chief Health Officer is to persuade and encourage people to take this simple step to help our community. There are reasonable exceptions and we are not asking for “mask police” to enforce this but rather the directive is intended to persuade and influence to advance mask usage when appropriate.

Thank you for helping us keep our community members healthy and safe-this is for our children, our elders, those who are immune-compromised or are struggling with a disease.

Together we can make a difference.#LaPorteCountyCares

Best regards,


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