Brent Banic,
Michigan Township Assessor
Certified Level III Indiana Assessor

Megan Boo,
Chief Deputy Assessor

Phone: 219-874-5611 Ext. 7915

300 Washington St
Michigan City, Indiana 46360
Phone: 219-874-5611 Ext. 7781
Fax: 219-873-3022


8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Monday – Friday

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County Assessor – The county Assessor shall perform the functions assigned by statute (IC 36-2-15-5), Including the following:

  1. Countywide Equalization.
  2. Selection and Maintenance of a Countywide Computer System.
  3. Certification of gross assessments to the county Auditor.
  4. Discovery of omitted Property.

Per IC 6-1.1-28-1(d), The county assessor is a nonvoting member of the property tax assessment board of appeals (PTBOA).

Township Assessor – The Township Assessor identifies lists and calculates the assessed value of all real and personal property in the township.

PTABOA – Property Tax Assessment Board of Appeals.

Assessment Notice – Form 11- This is the notice sent by the county and townshop assessor indicating the assessed value of your property.

Land – The ground on which improvements may be placed. Does not include anything but the land itself.

Improvements – Anything that is built on the land. (i.e., house, barn, pool, paving etc.)

Real Property – The sum of tangible and intangible rights in land and improvements on the land.

Personal Property – All movable items not permanently affixed to or part of the real estate.

Real Estate – The physical land and everything permanently attached to it.

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