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Brent Banic,
Michigan Township Assessor
Certified Level III Indiana Assessor

Megan Boo,
Chief Deputy Assessor

300 Washington St, Suite 361
Michigan City, Indiana 46360
Phone: 219-874-5611 Ext. 7781
Fax: 219-873-3022

Office Hours

Monday – Friday
8:00 – 4:00

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Michigan Township is the largest township in La Porte County with 18,000 parcels. The office is responsible for updating assessment information on real and personal property. The annual assessment date is March 1st.


New construction is added to the county tax roll each year via building permits that are issued by the different cities and towns in the township. A general reassessment is completed every 4 years as mandated by the State of Indiana. The guidelines used to assess real property can be viewed on the Department of Local Government Finance website at www.in.gov/Assessment.


Taxpayers are required to file personal property forms with the Township Assessor’s office by May 15th each year. Personal property forms are mailed out each March and can also be picked up at the office or downloaded from the Department of Local Government Finance website at www.in.gov/


To appeal an assessment the taxpayer must file a form 130 with the County Assessor’s office within 45 days of receiving a Form 11 (notice of assessment change) or by May 10th. Forms may be picked up at the Township Assessor’s office, the County Assessor’s office or downloaded from the Department of Local Government Finance website at www.in.gov/Appeals.

After filing the form 130, the Township Assessor will attempt to conduct a preliminary conference with the taxpayer to resolve as many issues as possible about the assessment. Should the issues not be resolved with the Township Assessor a hearing will be set with County’s Property Tax Assessment Board of Appeals.

State Tax Board
City of Michigan City

We invite you to come visit with us and learn how your assessments are calculated.

Form 130 – Appeal Form
An appeal form (130) is now required to file an appeal. The appeal form must be signed and filed with the Michigan Township Assessor’s Office or postmarked no later than June 15*. If you have questions about the appeal process or would like a blank form, contact our office at 219-874-5611 extension 7781.
*In a year when June 15th falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the deadline to file an appeal is moved back to the first business day AFTER June 15.

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