La Porte County WORKS! – La Porte Custom Metal Processing

**La Porte Metal Processer Highlighted at September 7th Commission Meeting**


(La Porte County, IN): At this month’s County Commissioner’s meeting held on September 7th, 2022, the La Porte County WORKS! program highlighted La Porte Custom Metal Processing. This company operates in the steel industry producing coil toll and other metal by products for industrial clients. This work includes taking raw metal materials and stretching them, cutting pieces to length, as well as other slitting and processing operations to provide product to customers. Working with industries such as aerospace, automotive, and power generation, La Porte Custom Metal Processing is a growing company with big impact in the La Porte County community.

“Our LaPorte County WORKS! program highlights our local business community where week after week, we explore solid and innovative companies who make great products right here in LaPorte County while providing family wage jobs and training to our local citizens. La Porte Custom Metal Processing is a great example of a company with a lot of impact. With their industrial client list rapidly growing, it is impressive to see companies like this one in our community, keeping us on the cutting edge and keeping LaPorte County working,” stated Commission President, Sheila Matias.

“La Porte Custom Metal Processing is a great company looking to hire. With the enthusiasm I see from their current employees, I am happy we have chosen to spotlight them this week” stated Mike Seitz, IOM, Business Retention Manager of the La Porte County Office of Community and Economic Development.

“La Porte County has a diverse business community, with many industries critical to our economy being served in our back yard. La Porte Custom Metal Processing is a company that serves a wide range of industries. With their expedited floor- to -customer process, they are innovating at every turn to ensure critical industries continue to be served” stated Tony Rodriguez, EDFP., Director of the La Porte County Community & Economic Development Office.

We highlight La Porte Custom Metal Processing this week; jobs are also available at previously highlighted companies such as Vanair, Sims Meat Processing, and Alexander Chemical. All highlights and local jobs available are featured on the county website at this link still correct?)

This Week’s Highlighted Local Business:

La Porte Custom Metal Processing – September 7, 2022

La Porte Custom Metal Processing is located at 3226 N. State Road 39 La Porte Indiana. The company primarily operates in the steel business/industry within the wholesale trade and is a coil toll processor. La Porte Custom Metal Processing Inc. purchased Leveltek in 2014.The toll processing is a specialized products? process that takes raw or semi-finished goods and processes it  for other uses. La Porte Custom Metal also performs stretching, slitting and cut-to-length operations in addition to the toll process for a wide range of industries. They serve a variety of customers in (these are not proper nouns so no caps) aerospace, power generation, Railcars and Bus Panels, Food Service Equipment, Automotive Components and so many more. Custom Metal Processing, an in-demand industry, works cooperatively with several industries to ship products from their floor to the final customer. These customers that look for this in demand product include Aerospace, Defense, Automotive, and Power Generation. (no caps!)

La Porte Custom Metal Processing currently has 50 employees making between $ 19 to $35 dollars per hour;  they anticipate growth with a projected need of approximately 20 new entry level employees starting at $19.00 per hour. La Porte Custom Metal Corporation offers full benefit package, 401K, referral and attendance bonus, dental and eye care with shift premium bonus. In addition, the company offers a pleasant and stable place to work. To apply for positions at La Porte Custom Metal, contact D. Koc,h HR Director for both Haynes International and La Porte Custom Metal at 219-366-8530. To view more information about the businesses highlighted in the La Porte County WORKS! program, visit us at To have your business considered for a spotlight, sign up here. For questions, please contact Tony Rodriguez, Director of La Porte County Community & Economic Development at [email protected].