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JLM Johnston Landscape Manufacturing Inc

**La Porte Landscaping Manufacturer Highlighted at October 5th County Commission Meeting**




(La Porte County, IN): At this month’s County Commission meeting held on October 5th, 2022, the La Porte County WORKS! program highlighted JLM Johnston Landscape Manufacturing Inc,. a local landscape equipment manufacturer.

The entrepreneurial and innovative spirit illustrated at JLM Johnston Manufacturing changed their business model.. When they solved a problem that affected their business, they were then able to expand upon their solution to help other businesses to also be more efficient and successful. .JLM Johnston Landscape Manufacturing embodies that LaPorte County can-do spirit,” stated Commission President, Sheila Matias.  “This is yet another example at  JLM of what makes  La Porte County a great place to live and work, showing just how an innovative mindset can create change.”

“JLM works to solve the challenges that businesses face by being innovators.. I am proud we are able to highlight them this month.” stated Mike Seitz, IOM, Business Retention Manager of the La Porte County Office of Community and Economic Development.

“Manufacturing and innovation, when done well together, create great solutions for the community. Their out-front product line helped solve issues many face when transporting items to work sites.” stated Tony Rodriguez, EDFP., Director of the La Porte County Community & Economic Development Office.

We highlight JLM Johnston Landscape Manufacturing Inc. this week, but jobs are also available at other past, highlighted companies such as Vanair, Sims Meat Processing, and Alexander Chemical. All highlights and local jobs available are featured on the county website at

This Week’s Highlighted Local Business:

JLM Johnston Landscape Manufacturing Inc

JLM is a small, family-owned landscape provider with over 20 years of service in Northwest Indiana. They are located at 11152 Indiana 2, Westville, Indiana. With projects transitioning between seasons from landscape to snow removal, the company identified a unique way to utilize the snow plow mounts on their trucks. The Out-Front products they developed allowed them to increase the operational use of their trucks and UTV in the landscape business. JLM Johnston Landscape Manufacturing is a prime example of the entrepreneurial spirit that is demonstrated by the business located in La Porte County. It was the idea of two local businessman that became operationalized and became a business product line.. While running their landscape business, often times they needed a way to bring a larger assortment of small equipment to the work sites than they could fit in the bed of a truck. Because of their patent- pending Out-Front system, they began utilizing the fronts of their trucks. They found that not only could they carry more equipment, but they ultimately saved time and increased overall efficiency. The company is excited to share their unique patent- pending Out-Front carrier system and attachments for trucks, SUVs, UTVs, and ATVs. Their industrial-strength products are suited for landscaping providers, municipalities, utility companies, universities, and personal vehicles, assisting them in increasing their vehicles usage and their bottom line. JLM mission is to development products that help increase crew efficiency and vehicle utilization, with a commitment to honesty and integrity in their operations. Dealings. Their products are made in America with American- made components. They proudly partner with local small business. For more questions or information about their products, contact them at: [email protected] or call them at 219-516-4097.

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