La Porte County WORKS! – Hickman Williams

**La Porte Metal Producer and Foundry Highlighted at August 17th Commission Meeting**




(La Porte County, IN): At this month’s Commissioner’s meeting held on August 17, 2022, the La Porte County WORKS! program highlighted Hickman Williams & Company, a high-end metal producer and foundry of materials such as metallurgical coke, pig iron, abrasives and more. Hickman Williams, a foundry based in LaPorte, works with international companies to produce metal products for various equipment in the engineering field.

“It is the passion from employees like the owner operators of Hickman Williams Company that offer the longer term benefits that any career seeker would be looking for in a new employer that make Hickman Williams a very compelling choice for our young residents in La Porte County.” stated Commission President, Sheila Matias.  The Hickman Williams Company employees own the business as well as run the company, each employee has a real stake in their success and that is a successful recipe and can prove beneficial for both the employee and the company long term success,  concluded Commission President Matias.

“We have featured many companies in the last year and each of them continues to surprise us in their commitment to La Porte County. Hickman Williams is no exception and we are happy to have highlighted them this month” stated Mike Seitz, IOM, Business Retention Manager of the La Porte County Office of Community and Economic Development.

“The Hickman Williams Company manufactures a highly unique material that helps to diversify our employment base and this adds a tremendous value to our economy.  The growth we have seen over the last few years has only been made possible because of our manufacturers being committed to their employees and community. Foundry and metal production jobs are a high skill, in demand job. Having a local presence in the metal foundry industry keeps La Porte at the cutting edge of great work” stated Tony Rodriguez, EDFP., Director of the La Porte County Community & Economic Development Office.

We highlight Hickman Williams & Company this week, but jobs are also available at other past, highlighted companies such as Vanair, Sims Meat Processing, and Alexander Chemical. All highlights and local jobs available are featured on the county website at

This Week’s Highlighted Local Business:

Hickman Williams – August 3, 2022

Located in La Porte at 2321 Progress Drive, Hickman Williams is one of 15 in the Hickman Williams corporate family, spanning generations of family and employee owned operations. A producer and foundry of raw metal materials, Hickman Williams is 100% employee owned with the mission to be The dependable source if high-quality products and services for their customers, principals, and employees. Hickman Williams, a small business in terms of employee count, is a national brand servicing many steel companies across the nation. Offering a full range of employee benefits including 401k and PTO, those interested in employment should contact Aerotek Staffing in South Bend at (574)-344-2874 or JMJ staffing in La Porte/Michigan City at (219)-879-4900.

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