Garwood’s Orchard Press Release – LaPorte County WORKS!


For immediate release 4/20/2022

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LaPorte County WORKS! – Garwood’s Orchard and Farm Market

** Sixth-Generation, Family-Run Orchard and Farm Market Highlighted for Local, Farm-Fresh Food and Seasonal Employment Opportunities **

(LaPorte County, IN): At the LaPorte County Commissioners’ meeting held on Wednesday, April 20, 2022, the LaPorte County WORKS! business report presented Garwood’s Orchard and Farm Market, located at 5911 W. 50 S. La Porte, IN.

“Garwood’s Orchard and Farm Market is special point of interest in LaPorte County, and we are proud to have them as our own specialty business and farm store. They offer an array of activities and produce throughout their 440 acres of apples, peaches, raspberries, pumpkins, strawberries, cherries, sweet corn, peppers, cucumbers and a variety of other vegetables. This is a wonderful opportunity for people of all ages and backgrounds to get some insight into the agricultural industry, which is significant in LaPorte County,” stated Mike Seitz, IOM, Business Retention Manager, LaPorte County Office of Community and Economic Development.

“We’ve found great success in highlighting local businesses and industries so citizens of all ages and skill sets know they can find a job, grow their careers and earn a good living right here in LaPorte County, including companies like Garwood’s Orchard and Farm Market. As a long-time Garwood customer, our family has enjoyed picking fall apples, canning their delicious produce and enjoying local produce throughout the growing season. Garwood’s is special to LaPorte County families because they also provide excellent opportunities for many folks-including high school students- to obtain seasonal employment. Every year, families across our region await with anticipation that first spring visit to Garwood’s to enjoy all that Garwood’s has to offer. We look forward to seeing them prosper again this season,” stated Commissioner Sheila Matias.

“We are happy to be hearing such positive feedback from past LaPorte County WORKS!  highlighted companies who notice a true uptick in job applications with the exposure they get from the LaPorte County WORKS! program. If you are interested in having your company highlighted, please contact our office. Business Retention and Expansion is a significant aspect of economic development, and we would be more than happy to sit down and discuss the ways we can help your company,” added Tony Rodriguez, Director of LaPorte County Community & Economic Development.

Past spotlights of the LaPorte County WORKS! program include Enprotech, OTECH Corp., Peepers and Sullivan Palatek. All highlights and local jobs available are featured on the county website at

This Week’s Highlighted Local Business:

Garwood’s Orchard and Farm Market – April 20, 2022

Located at 5911 W. 50 S. La Porte, IN, Garwood’s Orchard and Farm Market is a farm and market that the Garwood family has been running for over 180 years. For six generations, the Garwood family has maintained a focus on farming, family, and community.  The farm was started by John Garwood, a carpenter, who moved to La Porte County in 1831 and took up farming. Garwood Orchards is a recipient of the Hoosier Homestead Award (1992) and the AgriVision Award (2020) for being a family-owned farm that has made significant contributions to the agricultural industry and has been owned by the same family for 100 years or more.

Currently, the day-to-day operations are operated by the 6th generation Garwood’s: Tom, Brian and Mike Garwood. The market will open May 5, 2022. During the season, school and group tours are available so get more information on their website. More information can be found here:

Garwood’s Orchard currently employs 24 people at an average wage $18-$19 per hour. In the summer months of operation, Garwood’s will hire 40 to 50 persons to work the retail store at a wage range from $10.50 to $14.00, depending on position and experience. To apply, call and ask for Carey Garwood. The e-mail address is [email protected]; their website is, and the phone number is 219-362-4385. The market hours are from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm seasonally, from May to November.

To view more information about the businesses highlighted in the LaPorte County WORKS! program, visit us at To have your business considered for a spotlight, sign up here. For questions, please contact Tony Rodriguez, Director of LaPorte County Community & Economic Development at [email protected].