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Drainage Board

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Christine J. Keil, PS
Party Chief and Secretary

Drainage Board

Timothy J. Harrold
Party Chief

Section Corner Perpetuation

NOAA’s National Geodetic Survey encourages anyone with survey-grade Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers to help perform GPS on Bench Marks (GPS on BMs) to prepare their community to take full advantage of the benefits of the modernized National Spatial Reference System (NSRS). GPS on BM data submitted by the end of December 2021 will be used to create new tools and coordinates to be released with the modernized system.


GPSonBM for NSRS Modernization


The surveyor must prepare, maintain, and keep in his or her custody a legal survey record book showing maps of each section, grant tract, subdivision or group of such areas in sufficient detail so that the approximate location of each such legal survey may be shown.

If the surveyor is registered as a land surveyor under IC 25-21.5, he or she maintains a corner record book. If the surveyor is not a registered land surveyor, the surveyor, with the approval of the commissioners, appoints a registered land surveyor to keep the corner record book. A county surveyor registered as a land surveyor under IC 25-21.5 or IC 25-31, is entitled to compensation at a rate one and one half times as much as a surveyor who is not licensed.

If the surveyor is a civil engineer, the surveyor supervises all civil engineering work of the county. If the surveyor is not a civil engineer, the commissioners must appoint a civil engineer for each project.

In addition, the surveyor supervises all legal ditch construction, serves as an ex officio member of the county drainage board and the county plan commission. (Generally see IC 36-2-12 for duties of the County Surveyor).


The La Porte County Surveyor must keep and maintain a corner record book showing original government section corners. The surveyor must check and reference at least 5% of all corners shown in the Corner Record Book and establish, locate and reference at least 5% of all original corners.


The La Porte County Surveyor is an ex-officio, non-voting, member of the County Drainage Board. In this capacity the County Surveyor is the technical authority on the construction, reconstruction, and maintenance of all regulated drains or proposed regulated drains in the county. The Board and Surveyor have jurisdiction over regulated drains. Regulated drains are drains established by either the Commissioners Court or Circuit Court of each county prior to 1965 or the Drainage Board since 1965. These drains are open ditches or tile drains or a combination. These can also be municipal storm sewers.


The La Porte County Surveyor is normally a member of the County Plan Commission. As a member of the Commission they attend the monthly meeting and hear and make decisions on subdivisions and planning. They are often looked to for technical review of plats.


Prior to the Indiana Alcoholic Beverage Commission issuing a new Alcoholic Beverage Permit in an unincorporated area, the La Porte County Surveyor must certify that the permit location is within a one (1) mile radius of a settlement or group of residences in the unincorporated area that has been in existence for more than 10 years. The area must be a place for purchases or public meetings or as a community or neighborhood center.


The La Porte County Surveyor maintains a legal survey record book for all legal surveys within the county. A legal survey is a survey prepared by a registered land surveyor with notice to all adjoining landowners to resolve property disputes.


The La Porte County Surveyor maintains annexation descriptions and dis-annexation descriptions for each city and town and must certify to the State Election Board the annexations and the Census Tracts involved.


The La Porte County Surveyor administers the filter strip program. Filter strips are strips of vegetation (grass) along open streams and ditches. The strips are a minimum of 20 feet in width to a maximum of 75 feet in width. The purpose of the strip is to filter silt out of surface water runoff so that the silt does not enter the stream or ditch.

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