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Charity Glaser, 

Andrew Simmermeyer, 
General Foreman

1805 West 5th Street
La Porte, IN 46350-8380
Phone: 219-362-2051
Fax: 219-362-4221

Jerry Sullivan,

Steve Cox, 
Garage Foreman

What Are Frost Laws?
Frost laws, also known as season weight restrictions, are implemented by the County Highway Department when the ground is thawing. The moisture, along with the consistent warming up and cooling down of the season, leaves certain roadways more vulnerable because the pavement is prone to weakening. The roads become very soft and easily damaged as the frost leaves the ground and the base of the roads.  The frost law has one sole purpose and that is to protect the county roads from damage caused by heavy loads.  When frost laws are in effect, drivers must reduce axle weight limits.  Frost laws vary from year to year depending on the weather.  Because they fluctuate, it’s important to check the LaPorte County Government website to find out if the frost law restrictions are in effect.


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