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Teaching our children about the impacts of stormwater on our lakes, rivers, streams, ponds and other bodies of water is critical! The health of Trail Creek, Lake Michigan, the Kankakee River and ultimately our Oceans depends on an informed empathetic community. We are here to help you find the tools and resources you need to provide quality stormwater education to your classroom, home school, summer camp, scouting group and others!

Are you looking for a speaker to provide an educational program? Our Stormwater Director is available to provide limited programming. Contact us with your ideas at [email protected]

For other programs:

LaPorte County Soil and Water Conservation District

LaPorte County Solid Waste


  • Project WET is an international water-focused conservation education program to raise awareness for water resource management and encourage socially and economically sustainable environment. The program’s mission is to bring children, parents, teachers, and community members around the world with water education that promotes awareness of water and empowers community action to solve complex water issues. Project WET contains widely used curriculum and activities, providing pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade educators with the tools they need to integrate water education into every school subject.
  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln provides many stormwater related activities geared toward students in 4th-6th grade
  • The Mission of Hoosier Riverwatch is to involve the citizens of Indiana in becoming active stewards of Indiana’s water resources through watershed education, water monitoring, and clean-up activities. Hoosier Riverwatch is a State-sponsored water quality monitoring initiative.
  • United States EPA’s Water Sense for Kids
  • How’s My Waterway was designed to provide the general public with information about the condition of their local waters based on data that states, federal, tribal, local agencies and others have provided to EPA. Water quality information is displayed on 3 scales in How’s My Waterway; community, state and national.
  • Gray, Green, Blue: Water Security and You! is a series of four lessons for high school students from The Nature Conservancy
  • Calculate your water footprint here!

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