May 6, 2022
For Immediate release:
La Porte County Board of Commissioners

This week the La Porte County Commissioners, the La Porte County Council, and leaders from La Porte
County EMS broke ground on a project that has been in the works for almost 20 years.
“This much-needed EMS base to serve Rolling Prairie and eastern La Porte County will address the high
need for emergency medical response and services. Saving lives and getting help to our citizens more
quickly when minutes make a difference makes this EMS base project so very important,” said Sheila
Matias, President of the Board of Commissioners. “I really want to thank Commissioner Richard
Mrozinski, Facilities Director Larry Levendowski, EMS Director Andrew McGuire and his team as well
as Council President Randy Novak and the County Council for driving hard to get this project off the
drawing board, funded and shovel ready. It’s been talked about for a long time and now we are making
it happen!” concluded Commissioner Sheila Matias.
“When I first joined the La Porte County Council nearly twenty years ago, it was becoming clear that the
County needed to work on our response times to the eastern edge of La Porte County. This is a great day
for the citizens of Rolling Prairie and eastern La Porte County and I couldn’t be prouder of what our
team has done to get this project ready to execute. We have truly moved the needle today by making this
project happen,” stated Commissioner Richard Mrozinski.
“This new facility will save lives for those living, working or traveling through the eastern edge of the
county and today represents not only a public works success story for all of the stakeholders and the
public but also demonstrates what can be achieved by working together as a team and reaching across
party lines for the betterment of all the citizens,” stated Randy Novak, President of the La Porte County
“The Emergency Medical Services department demonstrates everyday how critically important our
services are to the most vulnerable residents. This new eastern EMS base location will give our crews the
ability to reduce response time so we can focus on saving lives for all LaPorte County residents,” stated
Andrew McGuire, Director of the La Porte County EMS.
For more information, please contact Andrew McGuire (219) 326-6808 Ext 2351