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LaPorte County has purchased an Incident Notification system to alert our citizens of things that could affect how they do business in the county. We have signed with a company called Rave Mobile Safety. They have created a website for all citizens to go and register for our alerts.

The types of alerts that will be sent are as follows:

  •  Closing of Buildings
  •  Weather Emergencies
  •  Natural Disasters
  •  Man-made Disasters
  •  Road closures

It is important that you complete the registration information fully for each member of your household. This will assist us in an emergency with getting help to the people that need it most. We do not give out this information and it can be seen by only by 911 Dispatchers if you call 911.

Some points to remember, please list all addresses including work addresses. In addition, fill out the details of your address. This will help us in the event of an evacuation. Make sure you list emergency contacts that do not live with you. Please list your vehicles and pets. Pictures of your pets may help get them returned to you.

When you add in which alerts to receive, please check only those that pertain to you. We recommend that you add text AND email alerts. Sometimes text messages get lost and sometimes external email servers get bogged down.

Frequently Asked Questions

At least every six months unless something has changed.

These questions are to help out during disasters. The information will not be sold or used for any purposes other than public safety. Administrators cannot even track this information.

Alerts will be primarily sent between the hours of 7:00 AM and 10:00 PM. However, they can be sent 24 hours a day depending on the alert.

The only cost would be for text alerts if you do not have a data plan. So far this month (January), we have sent 12 alerts. The majority of those were due to weather.

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