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Mike Ordziejewski,

GIS Manager

555 Michigan Avenue, Suite 200
La Porte, IN 46350
Phone: 219-326-6808 Ext. 2508
Fax: 219-324-8019
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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a computerized system that provides a framework for gathering, maintaining, and analyzing geospatial data.

How are GIS layers created and what are its uses?

GIS is a versatile mapping technology that uses points, lines, and polygons to display features along with their geographic location.  These features create what is a called a layer, each layer references a locally stored dataset known as an attribute table.  Attribute tables are the building blocks to how all GIS applications display/query data.

Many of these layers are managed in-house but we do received layers from the State and Federal Government.   These layers are shared across various mapping platforms throughout the La Porte County offices for employee use.  There are many types of maps and each can contain a wide range of information.  Some of the most utilized layers include our parcels, addresses, centerlines, and zoning, among others.

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