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Prime for Life is a research based program developed buy Prevention Research Institute (PRI), a non profit education organization headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky. The content of Prime for Life is based on multi-disciplinary research and contains over 900 bibliographical references.

For more than 15 years, Prime for Life has been tested and developed. Its content is carefully selected to achieve specific attitudinal and behavior change. Information is presented objectively and persuasively using documented research findings rather that opinion, exaggerations or scare tactics.

Prime for Life is typically taught for 12-20 hours and includes a student self assessment, individual and group activities.

We would not be so naive as to suggest that Prime for Life will eliminate the drinking and driving problem. It will not. But with new information, support, and time, many DUI offenders are willing to explore new beliefs and change behaviors—if the information presented is valid, the support is genuine, and the benefits are clear.

Sometimes it seems that nothing makes a difference with DUI offenders and the heart break they cause. They drink; they drive; and they drink and drive again. Unfortunately, no single solution for the problem of drinking and driving exists. Research does show, however, that a combination of a carefully designed education/therapeutic experience and sanctions can be an effective approach for addressing the problem and reducing recidivism.

To provide the DUI offender with the necessary sanctions, we rely on the legal system and its guidelines.

To provide the DUI offender with the necessary education, we rely on a program with proven impact… Prime for Life.

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