From Commission President Sheila Matias

To the citizens of LaPorte County and LaPorte County employees:

I have been in constant touch over the weekend with my fellow county commissioners as we track developments and share in your concerns regarding COVID-19.   We are committed to keeping essential public services provided by county government available even as we seek to reduce the risk of transmission both for the public and the valued members of the county employee workforce.

That is why, effective tomorrow morning at 8 am, we ask members of the public to avoid coming to county buildings if at all possible. Please handle your normal interactions with county government via email, fax, Facetime, Zoom, or on the phone.  County government offices including the courts will be open for ESSENTIAL functions only. We need your help to ensure that we are taking all necessary precautions to mitigate potential exposure for members of the public and staff.  CDC guidance is clear that it is critical to reduce in-person contact if at all possible.


  • We are asking our department heads and elected officials to be responsible for their department’s plan to determine who in their respective departments can or should be working from home and those who are needed to keep essential business functions operating in our county buildings.
  • We are asking county staff or members of the public to stay at home if they are not well. This may cause some temporary inconveniences or delays, but this is in everyone’s best interest.  Of course, any emergency situations will be prioritized and handled as promptly as possible.
  • If you are experiencing a cold, illness or other symptoms or are self-quarantining, please take preventative measures as recommended by the CDC and stay at home.  We have expanded normal cleaning services of all common areas and are regularly disinfecting all public and common areas such as floors, doorknobs, keypads and elevator buttons.
  • While county meetings will continue to be held and other county board meetings will likely be held, we ask that only essential people be present and encourage members of the public to watch at home on ALCO unless it’s absolutely necessary to be present.

Please remember – all county departments and elected officials can be reached by phone, fax, text or email. Please use the county’s web site to get phone numbers or email addresses.


The LaPorte County Commissioners are committed both to continuing essential public service while working hard to reduce the risk of transmission of the COVID-19 virus across our community. As we face an ever-evolving health issue, we ask for calm and collaborative assistance from each of you. This is the time for us all to practice common sense, smart yet compassionate behavior while following the CDC guidelines.

This is not the time to panic but we all must make prudent adjustments as required by common sense and care for one another.