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The LaPorte County Public Defender’s Office provides representation to individuals who are unable to afford legal representation.  The Constitutions of both the United States and the State of Indiana require that indigent persons charged with criminal offenses be provided effective representation at public expense at both the trial and appellate levels.  The LaPorte County Public Defenders’ office has responsibility for the representation of indigent clients in all areas of LaPorte County Courts where a person is entitled to an attorney as a matter of law.  We have attorneys assigned to the LaPorte County Circuit Court and Superior Courts 1, 2 and 4 Felony Divisions, Superior Courts 3 and 4 Misdemeanor Courts, Juvenile Courts and Criminal Appeals.  Additionally, Public Defenders employed by this office handle termination of parental rights cases, Children in Need of Services (CHINS) and mental health commitments. In order for the Public Defender’s office to undertake representation, a Court must make a finding of indigency and order the Public Defender’s Office to assume representation.

This office is committed to providing experienced legal representation to all persons entitled to indigent representation as determined by a Court. We commit ourselves to the goal of ensuring equal justice through quality representation and have employed an experienced team of lawyers to fight to uphold the constitutional protections that the law affords to those accused of crimes.

If you have concerns about the manner in which your case is being handled or questions about the system or services provided, you may contact the Chief Public Defender at the following:

Elizabeth Flynn, Chief Public Defender

Braje, Nelson & Janes

126 E. Fifth Street, P.O Box 1006

Michigan City, IN 46361-8206


Chief Public Defender:  Elizabeth Flynn

Assistant Chief Public Defender:  Gregory Hofer

LaPorte Circuit Felony Division:

Kurt Earnst

Jeremy Noel

Superior Courts 1 & 2 Felony Division:

Amy Commean

David Payne

Elizabeth Flynn

Christopher Phillips

Circuit Court:  Level 6 Division

James McCalka

Gregory Hofer

Joseph Roberts

Superior Court 4:  Level 6 Division:                                                          

Ryan Beall

William Nelson

Mladenka Rodriguez

Frank Rodriguez

Superior Court 4:  Misdemeanor Division                                             

Mark Woodcox

Superior Court 3:  Misdemeanor Division                                                  

David Siriguo

Appellate Division:

Jennifer Koethe

Jessica Merino


Amber LaPaich

Hyrum LaTurner

Amber Poff

Katrina Spence

Trial Rule 26 Bond Hearings:

Rachel Doty 

Gary Reynolds

Board Members

Meetings are quarterly as set by the board.

Nate Loucks

Dale Brown

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