Community Corrections Advisory Board

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Director Rochelle Brown

Meetings are the 3rd Monday every other month

8:00 am County Complex

Board Members

John Boyd

John Lake

Duane Parry

Jeffrey Thorne

Jamie Oss

Judge Tom Alevizos

Kurt Earnst

Steve Eyrick

Randy Novak

Michelle Goebel

Greg Jones

Dan Peck

Bruce Ashley Sr

Gail Bos

Steve Klisiwski

Lester Norvell

Jim Kimmel

Regina Ruddell

Andy Hynek

Sheila Matias

Erika Stallworth

Mike Callahan

Debra Ackerman

Indiana Code 11-12-2-2

Board members shall consist of the following:

  1. County Sheriff or designee
  2. Prosecuting Attorney or designee
  3. MAyor of most poplous municipality or designee
  4. 2- judges having criminal jurisdiction appointed by Circuit Court Judge or designee
  5. Judge having juvenile jurisdiction appointed by Circuit Court Judge
  6. Public Defender or attorney with substantial criminal defense practice appointed by Commissioners
  7. Victim, or victim advocate if available, appointed by Commissioners
  8. Ex-offender appointed by Commissioners
  9. Director of dEpartment of Child Services or designee
  10. Jevenile Correctional Facility or designee
  11. Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative
  12. The following members appointed by the Board of Commissioners
  • Member of County Council
  • Probation Officer
  • Juvenile Probation Officer
  • Educational Administrator
  • Representative of Private Correctional Agency
  • Mental Health Administrator
  • Four lay persons of which one muse be a member of a minority race

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