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Administrator Amanda Lahners

809 State St, Suite 401A

La Porte In 46350

Meetings are held quarterly at 4:00 pm

County Complex

Board Members

Alexandrea Laun

Dr. Georgetta Manning-Cox

Erica England

Annabella Juhasz

Mark Nelson

Lauren Arnold

Dr. Patrick Dorroh

Indiana Code 16-20-2-2

At least two members shall be physicians holding unlimited license to practicce medicine in Indiana.

At least three members may be from one of the following fields: a licensed registered nurse; a licensed registered pharmacist; a licensed dentist; a hospital administrator; a social worker; an attorney with expertise in health matters; a school superintendent; a licensed veternarian; a registered professional engineer; or an environmental scientist.

Two representatives of the general public.

Members must reside in La Porte County.

Not more than four members shall be from one political party.

County Commissioners shall make all appointments

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