Alexander Chemical LPC Works! Press Release – 12/15/2021

For immediate release 12/15/2021

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LaPorte County WORKS! – Alexander Chemical Corporation

**Commissioner Ends Year with a Highlight on an Anchor Employer located at the Kingsbury Industrial Park **

(LaPorte County, IN): As 2021 draws to a close, the LaPorte County WORK! series highlighted Alexander Chemical Corporation at the final Board of Commissioners meeting on December 15, 2021. The LaPorte County Works! business report focuses on local employers who are actively investing, recruiting, and prospering in LaPorte County.

“We want the people of LaPorte County to know our county’s employers are hiring! From thermoplastic compounding to meat processing to air compressor equipment manufacturing, LaPorte County is home to an amazing array of businesses with great benefits, wages, and positive cultures. There’s no time like the present to take advantage of these opportunities if you are looking for a job or a new career pathway,” stated Commissioner Sheila Matias.

In the last quarter of 2021, Commissioner Matias developed this program to showcase local businesses and promote employment in LaPorte County. “I wanted to figure out a way to support our local companies, so this seemed like a win/win: good for employers to tell their story and share their openings and good for our citizens who are looking for a job or a new career path. We have such a rich blend of jobs in our county from entry level to highly skilled positions. LaPorte County WORKS! spotlights the many businesses who call LaPorte County home. This program highlights local businesses so folks of all ages and skill sets know they can find a job, grow their careers, and earn a good living right here in LaPorte County. These companies are supporting family-wage jobs, and it is my hope that people will learn about career opportunities very close to home. Living, working, and raising a family here is what makes beautiful LaPorte County, Indiana a very special place to enjoy a good quality of life,” concluded Matias.

This week, Commissioner Matias focused on Alexander Chemical Corporation. This unique manufacturing firm enjoys more than 70 years of experience providing critical base chemicals for a wide variety of industries ranging from water purification for municipal drinking water to the pulp paper, steel, and agricultural industries.

Past spotlights of the LaPorte County WORKS! also include Sims Meats, VANAIR, Sullivan-Palatek, Helena Agri-Enterprises and OTECH.

This Week’s Highlighted Manufacturer: Alexander Chemical Corporation – December 15, 2021

Located at 7593 S. First Road in Kingsbury, Indiana, Alexander Chemical Corporation is a leader in the water purification industry and supplies industrial gases and chlor-alkali products to major chemical and petroleum companies, pharmaceuticals, industrial users, and municipalities in the Midwest. Alexander Chemical continues to be a leader in the industry because of their tireless dedication to safety and employee education. Alexander Chemical has a transportation arm, Circle Transport, Inc., with an extensive fleet which allows them the opportunity to offer safe and dependable transportation of their products to their customers. They are a privately held company with a total of 62 employees in both Alexander Chemical and Circle Transport; 38 positions are union positions with an average wage of $29.50 per hour. Alexander Chemical is proud to offer varied paths for those who want to build a career in the chemical industry. They offer competitive wages, union benefits with a 401(K) with company matches, and competitive paid time off. To review the open positions at Alexander Chemical and Circle Transport, Inc. please go to Send your resume to [email protected].

“We look forward to a productive 2022 at our county commission meetings with the LaPorte County WORKS! program highlighting unique career opportunities. Solid employment is key to our county flourishing. These employers provide dependable jobs that allow our citizens to be successful. The LaPorte County WORKS! program opens doors for our county’s up-and-coming young adults who may not have any idea that these types of careers and opportunities existed right here in our county. The LaPorte County WORKS! program is making a difference,” stated Commission President Rich Mrozinski.

“I applaud the tireless dedication of our staff, Mike Seitz and Viviana Plaza for their boots-on-the ground efforts to assist Commissioner Matias to make this dynamic program work well. If not for these mini-infomercials, we know that many of our LaPorte County youth as well as adult jobseekers will not know about our niche employers and high wage opportunities. We honor our county’s business community because they call LaPorte County home,” concluded Tony Rodriguez, Director of the LaPorte County Office of Community and Economic Development.

To view more information about the companies highlighted in the LaPorte County WORKS! business report, visit and click on the moving news ticker at the top of the page. To have your business considered for a spotlight, sign up here. For questions, please contact Tony Rodriguez, Director of LaPorte County Community & Economic Development at [email protected].