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Data Security: Only legally licensed and authorized software will be installed on La Porte County Government computers. Users are expected to read, understand and conform to the license requirements of any software product(s) they use. No software, personal or otherwise will be installed on network PC’s without prior approval from Information Technology. No screen savers can be installed on network without prior approval from Information Technology. No diskettes can be used on network PC’s that have been used on personal or non network PC’s. Only new (out of shrink wrap) diskettes maybe used.

No modems are to be installed on network PC’s without prior approval from Information Technology. Access control software which requires a password to gain access to the computer and/or its applications should be used in an environment where a personal computer is shared by several users or is located in an area where access cannot be controlled. It is the responsibility of each computer user to protect their computer against virus attack. On request, Information Technology will provide access to virus protection software for desktop computers.

1.7 Backup Policy: Information Technology will develop and observe standards and procedures to ensure adequate backup for the applications and data stored on La Porte County Government Computers. Standards and Procedures:The owner of the data must determine the backup requirements. Importance and ease of re-creation should be considered in making this determination. Adequate backup facilities will be provided to all computer users. Computer users will be responsible for ensuring that the data stored on their machines is backed up as required by the owner.

Software and data should be backed up to a transportable medium on a periodic basis and stored appropriately (onsite or offsite) to ensure adequate integrity and availability. Information Technology will ensure that all disks in the data center are backed up regularly. This will include all network disks used by personal computer users for data storage.

1.8 Access to La Porte County Government Computers Policy: La Porte County Government will provide access to computer systems to all La Porte County Government staff as required by their job assignment. External people who are determined to be strategically important to La Porte County Government will also be given access subject to approval by a La Porte County Government department head and Information Technology/Data Board. Implementation of this policy is the responsibility of the data owners of each system. Standards and Procedures:Appropriate restrictions should be placed on access given to external people.

The department head assumes responsibility for the use of this access. When a new is employee is hired, the Department Heads must notify Information Technology by an E-mail note. The Department Heads must also notify Information Technology via E-mail when an employee is no longer employed by La Porte County Government for any reason. An audit of all approved access will be completed periodically and a report will be given to the appropriate department head.

E-Mail & Internet: Internet is intended to be used for business purposes. Personal use of these facilities is prohibited without prior consent of the Department Head and Information Technology. In the event that personal use occurs, that usage must not interfere with business activities, must not involve solicitation, must not be associated with any “for personal profit” outside business activity, and must not potentially embarrass the La Porte County Government, its taxpayers or its employees. Because e-mail is being generated for La Porte County business the user shall not have the expectation that their e-mail files are private. Access to the Internet via the La Porte County’s network will controlled by La Porte County Data Board. Department Heads must present a business need to the Data Board for those individuals requesting access to the Internet. The Data Board will approve or reject the request and inform Information Technology. La Porte County Government/Data Board reserves the right to block and/or monitor Internet access to any sites management deems offensive or undesirable. These sites include, but are not limited to, those focusing on sexually oriented material, those actively promoting violence and those publishing material that management deems of no relevance to the business.

2.0 Connectivity: All hardware and software installed with intent to connect to the La Porte County Government Wide Area Network must be compatible with the existing network standards. This includes permanent and temporary installs. Contact the Information Technology Department for definition and clarification of the appropriate standard in place for the intended connectivity.

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