We have a confirmed case from LaPorte city of coronavirus. The victim, a 55 year old male, one of our own citizens, is hospitalized and your prayers would be helpful. His family and contacts are in quarantine.

1. I encourage you to be calm and use common sense while taking necessary, practical precautions: wash your hands often; don’t shake hands with others.
2. If you are not feeling well and are concerned about symptoms of the virus such as fever or cough, first call your doctor before going to the office.
3. If you have symptoms of the virus (fever, respiratory illness, cough) and want to go to the Emergency Room, please call the Emergency Room at the hospital before you go so that they can be best prepared to handle your visit.
4. If you are sick, we encourage you not to go to work, to the store, or to a gathering place where others could be affected.
6. If you are over 60, please consider reducing your risk of transmission by social distancing-staying away from groups and away from large crowds.
7.Please consider stocking up on essentials such as food, medical supplies and other household necessities.

Hunker down, LaPorte County. We’re a caring and close community across this large county.

This is the time to be prudent, calm and kind.

Sheila Matias

President, LaPorte County Commission

[email protected]